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The Stockton Casting Company was founded in 1947 as a small, privately owned jobbing foundry producing cupola melted grey iron castings, and remained such until 1977 when medium frequency electric melting was installed. Utilising the electric furnaces saw the birth of a flexible melting system (fleximelt), which enabled production of components in a wide variety of material specifications. 


Melting capacity increased five fold with the installation of two 850KW medium frequency furnaces in 1994, each with a melting capacity of 1 tonne per 50 minutes.

The foundry's expertise lies in the manufacture of high integrity complex castings, including large diesel engine components, compressors, pumps and blowers. These are cast in a wide range of ferrous alloys, with castings typically weighing from one to 1,500 kilos. Production runs are flexible, from 10,000 to one off.


Moulding Area

The Stockton Casting Company has the capability to deliver worldwide and currently exports throughout Europe and into the USA.

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