Thermal reclaimer

An order valued at over 200,000 was placed to supply and install a 1 tonne per hour Thermal Sand Reclamation Plant. In addition to reclaiming sand it is also designed to incinerate Amine and hazardous dust from core and mould sand. The plant became operational in 1999. This facility is controlled by SCADA technology and illustrates SCC's commitment to adhere with environmental legislation.


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Using the SCADA system, our maintenance engineers can remotely monitor the performance of any plant machinery which can be linked to the PLC unit. 



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Plant Overview

Scada overview

Burner Overview

Burner overview


Hopper overview


Extraction overview




Digital microscope

Nodular Irons

Nodular iron


SCC have invested in state of the art digital microscopy facilities which can be used to provide detailed colour micrographs of cast structures or for defect analysis. By linking our microscope to a CCD Digital Camera we can electronically capture and store an image. Using this facility we can then distribute the image via e-mail or printed matter, if required.


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Flake Irons

Flake iron


Defect Analysis

Sand grains


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