The Patternshop utilises the skills of time-served Patternmakers, a number of whom were trained throughout their apprenticeship by the Company. In support, an active and successful Modern Apprenticeship scheme exists to ensure a continuous supply of skilled employees.

Dimensional Verification

Electronic digital measuring equipment is complimented by the company's three axis digital portage machine and is utilised during lay-out, construction and dimensional verification of pattern equipment.

All patternmaking processes, controls and equipment are effectively controlled via our well-established Quality Systems, which are assessed to meet the requirements of BS.EN.ISO 9002 & QS9000. Naturally, all pattern equipment is dimensionally verified prior to release for production and/or first-off sample casting verification.

CNC cut patterns
CNC pattern being cut

Where precise dimensional tolerances and controls have to be met, the customer is increasingly specifying patterns and coreboxes to be mechanically produced by CNC machining. SCC achieve this by using OEM or SCC produced three dimensional CAD models. In addition, we are able to offer short lead time samples utilising numerically controlled R.P. processes such as L.O.M. for initial sampling patterns etc.

SCC have the capability to verify dimensional conformance of both black castings and finished components with our Three Axis D.R.O Portage Measuring Machine. This  simplifies dimensional verification, providing close tolerance accuracy and three axis digital electronic read-out to 0.020mm/0.0010inches. It permits measurement of all linear dimensions, bore locations and profiles using a single set-up, reducing inspection time and eliminating the incidence of multiple set-up errors.

Upon request a comprehensive dimensional report can be provided. 

3 Axis Portage Machine

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